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50 Saffron Capsules

Benefits of Saffron Capsules

  • saves time
  • eliminates waste
  • controls cost
  • reduces adding too much
  • avoids using too little
  • maintains freshness
  • protects threads

Cooking with Saffron Capsules

This pouch contains 50 saffron capsules.

Saffron Capsules are a chefs dream come true. Perfectly measured 0.1 gram whole saffron threads make cooking with saffron efficient and effective. 

One capsule is used for one recipe, each capsule adds a consistent amount of flavor, color and aroma to dishes of 4-6 servings.

Shelf Life of Saffron Capsules

Saffron Capsules will stay fresh for up to three years or more. The sealed capsules help the threads maintain their aroma, color and freshness by sealing them in an air tight environment where they will not be exposed to oxygen which leads to deterioration through oxidation.

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