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How Pure Saffron Farms Was Born

My mother is Irish and my father is from Iran. I was raised in western Canada in a traditional Iranian household where many of my Mother’s home cooked meals were prepared with saffron.

Growing up I always had an entrepreneurial mindset and noticed the saffron my mother was using wasn’t purchased at the local grocery store, instead it was sent all the way from Iran in a small envelope by my Father’s sister. My mother was always so excited when a fresh batch of saffon would arrive in the mail every couple of months.

My Aunt, who married a saffron farmer, lives in the Khorasan region of Iran renowned for producing the world’s highest quality saffron. Her small community works together on the saffron fields helping each other throughout the whole process from planting new fields with saffron bulbs to harvesting and grading the saffron threads before they are sent off to market.

I was excited to share the premium quality and exquisite flavors of Iranian Saffron with the rest of the world so I sat down with a few executive chefs to learn how professionals use the world’s most versatile spice to create savory dishes full of amazing aromas. What I discovered was quite astonishing, many culinary experts were quite hesitant to include saffron in their dishes. When a recipe called for a “Pinch of Saffron” no two pinches were exactly the same; too much saffron would overpower the dish with too much flavor while not enough would leave the dish bland and weak. I also found many chefs were afraid of spillage or waste while handling the world’s most expensive spice in the kitchen.

A light bulb went off in my head. I discovered a problem that required an immediate solution and a “Pinch of Saffron” was born. I created perfectly weighed out capsules each containing (0.1g) of premium Super Negin saffron threads for recipe sizes of 4-6 servings. Now every dish can be enjoyed with the same amount of saffron measured out precisely each and every time.

“Pinch of Saffron” was created for foodies of all levels to enjoy, whether you are a beginner or an executive chef, we make it easy to use the perfect amount of saffron with each and every recipe just like my mother did many years ago.

We focus on building strong relationships with our customers. Business is all about relationships. Our aim is to take your home or restaurant cooking to the next level. When you’re successful we’re successful.

Thanks and regards, 

James Nick

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