Saffron Fields in Iran
Pure Saffron Farms brings you the highest quality whole saffron threads from the fields of Iran directly to your plate. Our relationship with the saffron farmers goes back centuries and allows us to select the highest grade saffron grown each year.

Where Does the Saffron Come From?

The saffron is grown in the Khorasan region located in northwest Iran. The climate here is warm, while the soil is rich and dry which makes the perfect environment for the saffron crocus to flourish. These days Iran produces about eighty percent of the worlds saffron and most of this is exported to Europe and North America.

Picking Saffron Crocus in the Fields

How is Saffron Harvested?

When the crocus’s are ready to be harvested around mid November. The farmers in this region work together and help each other out. It’s really a community effort. The harvest begins before sunrise, a big effort is made to collect the flowers before the sun has a chance to reach the saffron. Large sheets are laid out in the fields and the flowers are gathered one by one and brought back to a barn where the stigmas are removed.

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