Why Use Saffron Capsules?

Why Use Saffron Capsules?

Simple and Easy to Use

1 Capsule For 1 Recipe 

Saffron Capsules – No more guessing how much or how little a “Pinch of Saffron” is. Our capsules are great for beginners cooking at home or the up and coming foodie’s wishing to experiment with some new tantalizing flavors. These capsules are perfect for executive chefs’ and staff at fast paced restaurants and kitchens to save time and eliminate waste and spillage.

This ingredient cost as little as .65 cents per serving when using our saffron capsules and will provide consistent color, flavor and aroma in each and every recipe.

Each capsule can be used for a 4-6 serving recipe.

What are the Benefits of Saffron Capsules?

Efficient and Effective

1 Capsule For 1 Recipe

  1. Easy To Use – Open, Pour, Done!No more confusion on how much a “Pinch of Saffron” actually is. Convenient for first time saffron users, foodies or busy restaurant kitchens.

  2. Controls Costs – Great for restaurants, restaurant chains, and the hospitality industry.No more spillage, no more adding too much ruining the dish or too little and not being able taste, see or smell the saffron.

  3. Saves Time – Eliminates measuring or weighing small amounts.No more uncertainty on how much saffron must be added to the recipe.

  4. Maintains Freshness – Airtight capsule protects the threads from being exposed to air. No longer do you have to worry about saffron losing its potency. Extend it’s shelf-life with air tight capsules.

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