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Using Saffron in the Kitchen – The World’s Most Versatile Spice

Using saffron in the kitchen is easy. Once we convert your saffron threads into an oil, the sky is the limit. You can use it on absolutely any dish you regularly cook with an oil just to play with it. You may just discover a new rock star. 

Saffron for Sexual Dysfunction – Does it Work?

When we look at how saffron may help with sexual dysfunction, and look at the available evidence, there’s no one study using human trials that can possibly cover the entire gamut of this topic. There are limitations. However, there are factors showing “Yes, It works” …

Learning the Different Grades and Qualities of Saffron

Saffron is graded into four different levels of quality which determine the potency of it’s aroma and flavor. The best and highest priced is Super Negin followed by Sargol. Next we have Pushal and finally Dokhtar. It’s good to learn about the different grades and qualities of saffron before preparing your recipes.