Saffron for Sexual Dysfunction – Does it Work?

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  • Positive signals and limitations
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Defining Sexual Dysfunction

Before we can really talk about how saffron can help sexual dysfunction, we have to note that the term sexual dysfunction, especially when you include both males and females is extremely broad. While any sexual impairment could be classified as sexual dysfunction, there are many sub-scales of dysfunction. For example in males, one sub-scale is ED (erectile dysfunction) which could be caused by many things, ranging from diabetes, to cardiovascular issues, to mental state – all very different things at the.. “root” of the issue.

How does saffron (or any drug) work against all of these? The answer is, it probably doesn’t. There’s no one cure-all. On the other hand, there are great studies that show saffron absolutely works on some forms of ED. Another sub-scale, for example is arousal. Arousal is generally applicable in both men and women, as is general satisfaction. You can’t take a magic shot of saffron, or anything else and cover such a wide spectrum of potential issues.

However, you can perhaps cover some of the big ones, and you can do it using saffron with none of the toxic payload or side effects that some prescription drugs come with; and that’s just kinda sexy. To conclude, some studies indeed show that saffron helps in many cases of sexual dysfunction but keep in mind that all studies show talking to your doctor about persistent issues is always the right decision.

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Positive Signals and Limitations

When we look at how saffron may help with sexual dysfunction, and look at the available evidence, there’s no one study using human trials that can possibly cover the entire gamut of this topic. That’s a limitation. The difference between men and women in each study, is a limitation. Most importantly, how the saffron was administered. Was it a gel, tablet, capsule, or naturally provided, for example? At what dose? How this affects the way that each study relates to each other study makes this problematic to analyze.

When looking at the overall effect of saffron in sexual dysfunction we are looking at the meta-analysis of all studies that have been judged to be without bias, credible, and non-repetitive, with solid methodology in the structuring of the study. The ones that qualify as credible are then weighed together in a meta-analysis.

The meta-analysis on taking saffron for sexual dysfunction weighs heavily positive towards “Yes, it works!”. But again, think of this as a strong indicator rather than an absolute certainty. If you would like to read all the fun science details, you can see the research here.

Saffron and Mental Well Being

There is far less uncertainty that saffron can improve the mental state of both men and women when taken regularly at 30mg or more daily; saffron can make you happier, to put it bluntly. There is a strong correlation between mental well-being and sexual function; so it is no great leap of logic to connect the mental benefits of saffron with improved sexual functionality in people who experience sexual dysfunction – providing it hasn’t arisen from an acute causal factor, such as diabetes, or cardiovascular disease etc. etc.

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“Do it” From Home

If you’re experiencing the anguish or head scratching bewilderment of your own bout with sexual dysfunction, there are basic measure you can take from home that are highly recommended in the medical community. The first is leave your home and go see a doctor, but now that that’s out of the way, you can do a few things that are just good old fashion common sense.

If you’re smoking and drinking a lot, these can be huge contributing factors that compound over time. Trying to focus on a generally healthier lifestyle could yield dramatic results without needing strong medical intervention. Regular exercise is quite well known to improve circulation. Don’t take it from us, but we hear blood flow is important in relation to sexual performance and satisfaction.

Along the same lines, keeping a healthy body weight and eating a balanced diet are also strongly recommended. All of these provide both physiological and psychological benefits to your mind and body, both of which attack many of the various factors that cause dysfunction.

Analyze and take a self-stock of your habits & relationships. Should I have that bowl of ice-cream after dinner or should I go for a walk? Perhaps things aren’t as exiting with your partner anymore and it’s time to play “naughty nurse”. Many people recommend focusing on the foreplay to build enough energy and excitement to carry you through the evening romances.

If it’s really bothering you, seek medical advice. If it’s not, maybe you have time to self-diagnose and see if saffron helps.

Have you tried using saffron to help your sexual dysfunction? Please share your experience in the comments below. 

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